The Healthy Way

Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition offers unique, individualized weight loss programs designed to help you establish lasting healthy eating patterns.

When life is busy it can be a challenge to keep our health a priority.  A slow steady weight gain can add up over time.

Dieting is not the answer.  When you’re fighting hunger willpower won’t help you.  You only have a limited supply and before long the powerful influences around you will wear down your good intentions.   A strong, healthy lifestyle will anchor you and translates your intentions into action.

Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition healthy weight programs address two key components of healthy weight:

Energy balance  – balancing what you eat with your daily exercise and non-exercise activity levels.   No matter how much we learn about the science of weight loss this is still the starting point for a healthy weight.

Metabolic efficiency – maximizing your body’s natural rhythms to get your body working with you to support your efforts.   It’s about:

  • Stabilizing your blood sugar
  • Balancing your proteins and carbs
  • Choosing healthy fats
  • Eating in sync with your body’s natural fat-burning rhythms
  • Maximizing nutrients that support healthy weight
  • Eating  plenty of high-volume high-nutrient plant foods
  • Enjoying your favourite treats
  • Finding a pattern that suits you and your body type.  There is no one ideal diet for everyone

To book an appointment, or if you would like a 15 minute complimentary session to help you decide please contact:

Susan Fyshe MHSc RD
Toronto Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist
1460 The Queensway, Toronto M8Z 1S4