Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition offers unique, individualized weight loss programs designed to help you establish lasting healthy eating patterns.

For many of us, food has become more about gratification and reward instead of nourishment.  We’ve lost touch with healthy patterns and often eat more than we  need.  Our bodies are only too happy to store that excess food as fat.  But once we gain those extra pounds, losing them can be a challenge.

Dieting is not the answer.  When you’re fighting hunger, willpower won’t help you.  You only have a limited supply, and before long the powerful influences around you will wear down your good intentions.  What will help you is the power that comes from a strong, healthy lifestyle.  It anchors you and translates your good intentions into action.

Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition weight loss programs address the two key components of weight loss:

Energy balance  – balancing how much you eat with how many calories you burn.  No matter how much we learn about the science of weight loss, this is still the starting point for managing your weight.

Metabolic efficiency – how to get your body burning the maximum amount of calories every day.  This is where science has been evolving.  We now know that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is not about deprivation, it’s  about:

  • Stabilizing your blood sugar
  • Balancing your proteins and carbs
  • Choosing healthy fats
  • Eating in sync with your body’s natural fat-burning rhythms
  • Timing your meals and snacks
  • Maximizing micro-nutrients that aid in weight management
  • Eating  plenty of high volume, high nutrient foods
  • Learning how to include your favourite treats in your healthy eating pattern.
  • Finding a pattern that suits you and your body

To book an appointment, or if you would like a 15-minute complimentary session to help you decide, please contact:

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Toronto Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist
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